Welcome to my new website

I'm very happy to finally introduce new artworks, over 15 years since I reluctantly paused my art practice. This site currently showcases the initial five works of a new series titled Manifest, each a found object sculpture gilded in 24kt gold leaf. This series is designed to be both a social commentary and an introspection, around a central theme of consumption. 
Manifest is an ongoing body of work, with further works underway and planned. If you would like to stay informed on these new artworks and future exhibitions, you can join my Mailing List or follow my social media accounts (click the icons at the bottom right of this page). If you would like to enquire on availble artworks, please use my Contact Form or click the Enquire link on each artwork page. You can also purchase print reproductions of selected works in my Store.
Thank you for visiting.
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March 11, 2024